Monday, 27 February 2012

A Couple of Designs for Screenprinting*

I would like to have another go at screenprinting but none of my usual work (whatever the hell that is) is really suitable. So I knocked out these two *illustration* pieces that might be worth using:

Dogshit Rose is the first in what may be a series of prints, whereby I take an image and caption it with a word that is just plain wrong. Here we have a rose, which most people associate with a nice smell, and the word "dogshit", which most would associate with a bad smell.

I like the use of the single word "dogshit", over the more common "dog's shit" or "dog shit". I like the words "dog" and "shit" as well though, in their own right.

My other screenprint candidate is The Colourful World of Innards:

It would make an ACE t-shirt. It is also a great name for a band. It may be a bastard to screenprint though due to the number of colours. Fucksticks.

*Both these ideas came to me when I was stricken with a heavy cold. Interesting...

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